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Do you ever find yourself thinking this shouldn't be so hard?

You’ve taken every free manifesting course and read every book about money you could find.

You meditate, you make vision boards, you repeat affirmations day after day.

And you still feel broke.  What on earth are you doing wrong? I know how you feel.


I spent the from 2013-2017 in survival mode.

Every month, my life as a single mum with my own business was hand-to-mouth.

No matter what I did, nothing changed. Believe me, I tried everything..

reading books, purchasing courses, listening to talks, basically following everyone else’s secrets to success,

and none of it was working for me.


And then I came to a moment where I realised I had to stop waiting

for everyone else to help me create success.  If I wanted it, I had to go get it myself.  

So I stopped listening to everyone else, got aligned with my own soul’s desires,

dug deeper than I ever had before and made a new commitment.

Same plan - different me.  My energy shifted 180 degrees, and the money swiftly followed!


In my last 3 years of business, I’d barely made £20K in sales.

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Since making the changes I’ll share with you in this ebook, I x15 my income and grew my business my 700%

“If you’ve got a money story you need to clear (who doesn’t??!!) or you want to shake up your money mindset then please dive into this gem straight away. Working with Mary and following the step by step approach she guides you through in the book has brought about some really positive shifts for me. If you’re ready to show up for yourself and do the work to change your story then this will be a game changer for you.”
— Ros Scott-McKenzie

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In this free ebook, I’m going to teach you the exact mindset tools that I practised myself to finally reach the energetic shifts I experienced.

Don’t worry - I promise it won’t take you three years!

In Money Magic: 5 Simple Steps to Stop Repelling Money & Create the Life You Really Want, you will learn:

  • The 5 steps I used to transform my relationship with money from a feeling of constant lack to a sense of abundance -- and how that showed up in my bank account.

  • How to begin to transform the story “I can’t afford it.”

  • What’s really controlling your relationship with money.

  • Why taking courses and reading books hasn’t provided tangible results -- yet.

  • How to stop putting your life on hold until you have more cash flow.


Are you ready to transform your relationship with money?

Click the button below and let’s get started.

“The money magic eBook is phenomenal! So easy to read and all of the steps are easy to follow. Once you start to implement them, things start happeneing. Perhaps it isn’t money falling into your lap BUT YOU start to feel better and your life starts to shift.”
— Sarah Welch Byrne

“Wow Mary thankyou, thankyou, thankyou ... I don’t know how you did it, but you wrote a book that kicked my butt in the best possible way, got me into action immediately, without a second thought and nurtured me every step of the way. You write with such refreshing authenticity and encouragement that I pushed through all procrastination and just got stuck straight in and once I started I didn’t want to stop. This book, these words, your inspiration has created a literal pivot point for me and when I feel a low sneaking in, which are fewer and farther between since starting the process, doing the work kicks it to the curb and I’m back on track. Thank you for this special book, I’m so grateful for it and for you”
— Sarah Levene