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Magic Camp:

40 days of Mindset, Manifesting and Magic with Money

Wednesday, August 22nd to Sunday, September 30th



You’ve been doing this whole manifesting thing for a while now, but you’re not quite getting the results you crave...

You love your business … but you’re not quite bringing in revenue.

You’ve got more books on self-development than you can count … but you can’t seem to access the results they promise.

And every time someone releases a new manifesting meditation you’re first to sign up … but the last to cash in.

You so want it to be different, but somehow those toxic money thoughts always win.

I can’t afford it.

I’m terrible with money.

I need to work harder.

I feel so guilty spending money.

I’ll never have enough.

Sister - it’s time to flip the script.

Early Bird Special:

Sign up today for just £111!

*with the 3-part payment plan

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I know how frustrating it is to see this stuff working for everyone else around you, and NOT for you!

Rewriting your financial story and creating a new, conscious relationship with money is not something that is easily done on your own, and that’s why I’ve created Magic Camp!

Magic Camp is a mindset-shifting abundance program where I will coach you for 40 days to create unshakeable discipline with your mindset, and unbelievable magic with your manifesting so you can receive the results that you so badly want and need.


I can help you make that happen — and I promise it won’t feel like just another manifesting trick that you’ve likely heard before. (Because helping women rewrite their stories and create real magic in their lives is my thing — and I know that when you heal your money story, everything in your life changes.)

Think money bootcamp meets self-love spiritual sisterhood. This is money magic - from the inside out.

After 40 days with me you will feel empowered to overcome your:

  • money avoidance

  • resistance to receiving

  • unconscious overspending habits

  • discomfort in asking for more

  • fear of asking for the sale


I know you how you feel... you’ve read every book, taken every course and listened to a million free downloads about manifesting money.

But here’s the thing: you can’t layer a shiny money affirmation on top of a rusty old belief.

Most women I meet have been trying to cover up years of negativity with money with positive manifesting techniques. I did too! But if you want to change your money story for good, then you need to learn a new way - a way to feel good about money, to love money, and to be unashamed about wanting more money in your life.


So here’s how Magic Camp works:

  • Every morning you’ll get an Inspirational Story, money tip or coaching tool delivered straight to your inbox for 40 days to activate your abundance mindset for the day!

  • Every Wednesday for 6 weeks, I’ll lead a video class and coaching Q&A on a transformational topic that is sucking the magic out of your life (and the money out of your bank account).

  • Every week after class, you’ll receive a specific “challenge” that is going to piece together the rewriting of your new money script, and inspire you to start taking aligned action that will invite more money into your life every day.

  • You’ll join the soul-aligned Magic Camp community on Facebook. This is where every class recording will be available, every challenge will be posted, and all additional resources and homework will be shared. It’s also where you’ll meet your Money Magic sisterhood, who’ll be on the whole journey right along with you to hold you accountable, swap stories, and share fears, fun, photos, and more.

My own money transformation took a lot of support from my coach, like-minded sisters who held me up and talked the same new money language as me, endless books and a LOT of self-discipline every day to choose a new way.

Magic Camp is designed to gives you all this - and more with almost 30 hours of coaching!

It’s 40 days that will change your life.


Here’s a sneak peak at what we’ll cover inside Magic Camp:

The Stories -

Uncover the origin of all the stories you’ve been telling yourself about money all these years

The Secret -

Understand and unravel the Law of Attraction: Why it fails and how to make it work for YOU

The Vision:

Get clear on what you REALLY want


The Script:

Rewrite your soul-aligned money story

The Future:

Set soul intentions and give your money a purpose to keep it flowing
..and more!

Are you getting excited at the thought of having more magic in your life (and your bank account?!)


The investment

If you knew how to make these changes for yourself, you would have made them by now. Learning this material can save you so much time and money in the long term!

Early Bird Special from August 1st - August 15th:




After August 8th, the price for Magic Camp will go up to £379, and there will be no payment plan, so sign up now!


When does MAGIC CAMP start?

The program starts with the FB group opening on August 20th, and the first live call will be Wednesday August 22nd at 11.00GMT.  Once you are registered you will receive all the details!

Will it work for me?

YES!  I trust completely in divine timing and know that if you are reading this, then this is your next divinely-guided-breadcrumb right here.  Not only have I used these methods to change my own life and mindset, I have used them with more than 100 other women all around the world to change their lives & business too!  If you show up and do the work, there is no reason why this program won't create magic in your life. 

I also understand that there is no one-size-fits-all, but when you are met where you are, in an intuitively guided space, then I know that there is always success to be received.  

Will the calls be recorded?

Yes - all group calls will be recorded so that you can catch the reply if you can't attend live.  

How much time will I need?

Each weekly live call will be 75 minutes long plus you'll also receive coaching tips to your inbox each morning. Weekly challenges will take about 30 minutes a week. On average, magicians spend 1.5 to 2 hours each week on work. Keep in mind that however much you put in is how much you'll get out.

Will there be another Magic Camp?

There is not another one planned for 2018 - this is my most affordable program this year, and in 2019 my focus will be on retreats and masterminds and so if you want to work with me - jump in now!

What about cancellations & refunds?

Everyones journey is different, and everyone works differently, which is why I offer no guarantees.  However, I've learnt that what you put in, is what you get out, and everyone shows up differently.  I don't offer refunds on any of my programs because I know that this stuff works, and I also know that when you have a get-out clause, you don't fully show up.  When you join a gym and don't you ask for a refund and complain that you didn't get results?   

What I do guarantee however, is that I will supply you with everything you need, show up with my full commitment to seeing you succeed, lead you through a profound journey, and hold space for you with all my love & attention. 

So please watch my videos and teachings, join my FB group, stalk me on SM and make sure that you know you want to commit to working me with because there are no refunds.