Born to receive

A 4-month immersion experience for women who are ready to

step into their divine power & elevate their consciousness


When was the last time that you gave yourself the kind of attention & focus you deserve?


When was the last time you ALLOWED yourself to be the receiver, instead of the giver?


If you're a woman who dreams of making an even greater impact in the world that you already are, 

whilst living the kind of lifestyle that totally lights you up, 

then you need to learn the divine art of receiving


The world will only give as much as you can receive


By opening up to the fullness of receiving, you step into the fullness of your spiritual truth 

and live in the awareness, & knowing, that all things are truly possible. 


During our 4-months together, I will take you on a quest to find your sacred self.

We will explore the 4 stages of the Divine process known as 



Born to receive is the forgotten key

to giving yourself the life you want, & deserve.


Through a process of spiritual teaching, coaching, meditation & self-reflection, 

you will connect with your highest self & emerge as the very best version of yourself. 


You will enter a realm where you discover the courage & clarity to

be, do and have everything that you desire. 


You will learn to BE yourself in all your divine greatness. 


This intimate mastermind will be open to 6 women only, and will be an

intensive, intuitive & unique look at life from within. 



All the details:


Preparation - Start April 18th

  • A deep-dive 1:1 initiation call with Mary
  • A group welcome call

Weekly connection & teachings - Start May 1st

  • A private FB group to connect with the other women in your sisterhood
  • 16 FB live teaching sessions
  • PDF worksheets & heart-work

Group coaching calls - May 11, 25;  June 1, 15, 29;  July 13, 27;  August 10, 24. 

  • Bi-weekly Live gatherings and Q&A on Zoom (recorded for those who can't make it live)

Additional 1:1 time - bookable anytime

  • Monthly 30min 1:1 call with Mary 


Our 4-month Journey:



  • Overview of the program
  • Setting up your sacred space
  • Sleeping your way to success

Month One: TRUST

  • Trust in Self
  • Trust in God
  • Trust in Others
  • Everything is working out for me


  • Creating a channel for openness
  • Turning pain into power
  • The art of letting go 
  • How to be brave when saying yes to the unknown 

Month Three: BELIEVE

  • Being enough
  • Finding your faith & banishing doubt
  • Women who believe their BOLDness
  • Mind your own Business & Intuition

Month Four: RECEIVE

  • More than an attitude of gratitude
  • Knowing what you want & accepting it when its offered!
  • How to live in a receptive state
  • Using the Mind your own Business 5-step process as a road map to abundance

-I always knew I had a greater calling in life, healing those that I come in contact with. I have started so many businesses since 2001, but I always ending up sabotaging myself and closing the doors.It wasn’t until  (1).png



Andrea Owen


Your investment


Bonus #1 - PAY IN FULL BY APRIL 25TH to upgrade your 1:1 coaching for the entire program and get x4 1:1 60mins sessions with me!! (£400 value)

2-part payment plan:

only 2x payments of £895

PLUS a beautiful bonus #1 of an additional 1:1 session with Mary during the program (£200 value)

4-part Payment Plan:

£2100 payment plan

{DEPOSIT £525 plus 3-further payments of £525}


Here's what some women have been asking....

Q.How is this program different from 1:1 coaching?
A.For starters, you're not alone!  There will be an intimate circle of sisters who are on the same journey together. Part of the reason I've started a group program is to give you the benefits of all my 1:1 tools and transformation with the bonus of sisterhood! 

Second, we’re going deeper into self-worth than I ever have before as we tackle our issues with trust, surrender and believing in ourselves. Working on your limiting beliefs is important, but just part of the problem. It's what we make them to mean and how we let them drive our daily decisions in life that keeps them alive and preventing us from receiving all that is trying to manifest in our lives. 

Q.How much time do I need to invest in this program every week?
A.There will be a one class every week that will need about one hour of your time (including the audio lesson). But there will be additional journaling work and support in the Facebook group so you can invest more if you choose. (Remember the more you invest, the bigger your results.)

Then a group coaching call once a fortnight, plus your 30mins 1:1 coaching check-in with me once a month.  

So, on average you will need about 1.5hrs a week to cover the classes, homework & calls. 


Q.How much is Mary in the forum answering questions and guiding us?
A.I’ll be in the forum on most weekdays. Any questions coming up you can post here, not just for me, but to share with your sisters also. Born to Receive is about learning to voice your desires, and this will be a private & confidential space for you to feel into this. 


Q.When do we get each lesson?
Q.The first audio lesson and worksheet will arrive in your inbox on Monday, May 8th and you’ll get 13 additional lessons every Monday after that (for a total of 16 lessons). There will also be some additional challenges popping up in the program!!


Q.Do I have to show up for the live calls?
A.The live calls is your chance for live coaching. The calls will be recorded, and you can email a question if you can't make it. But I would try to commit to at least one of the live calls per month. The coaching is where the transformation happens. And it is here for you to utilise as much as you can. 


All the recorded calls will be up in the platform within 24hrs for you to access. 


Q.What if I don’t feel comfortable sharing my “issues” in the Facebook group, or I'm not on Facebook?
That’s totally fine! The group is a supportive bonus. But with such an intimate group (only 6), it is also a great place to practise courage and vulnerability in a safe space (and also to practise receiving!). 

PLUS, Mary has now organised an alternative online forum to Facebook so that it is completely separate AND private to Facebook. 


Q.Does the program expire?
A.No! You get lifetime access to the classes and also any updates as the program grows every time it is offered!  We all know that shit happens.  If something comes up during the program, everything will be in the learning platform for you to catch up on.  Just holla if you are struggling or getting behind.   


Q.What will we cover?
A.The core modules are written around the spiritual lessons of Trust, Surrender, Believe & Receive. 

Each module contains 4 individual lessons which will all dive into issues around your limiting beliefs, self-trust, the art of allowing, transforming our pain to power, banishing doubt, learning self-compassion and self-kindness, self-belief and of course how to receive! 

More specifically, you’ll walk away after doing the work having greater awareness of how to trust yourself, God & the benevolent universe; how to release old limiting beliefs and let go of that which no longer serves you; how to combat your inner-critic and choose behaviours that feel good instead of self-punishing, shame & doubt; and finally how to live in a receptive state.


If you are feeling drawn to the program, but worried about your time commitment, then lets chat.  This work can be taken at your own pace,don't miss out just because of the schedule.  We can often sabotage ourselves from investing in something that we really want to do by coming up with all kinds of excuses as to why its not the right time. If your heart says YES, but your head says no - well then you know I will say ALWAYS follow your heart, because you head is the trickster and it will want to keep you from evolving.


Mary Houston is a Life Coach, meditation teacher and Spiritual mentor who helps women uncover their purpose & discover their sacred self.  In the last 20 years she has helped women all over the world to change their lives and get what they want by working on a deep soul level to reveal hidden blocks & stories and unleash their fully creative power.  

When she is not busy coaching women or writing her book, Mary is usually chasing dinosaurs, making pancakes or going on expeditions with her 4yo son who is the light of her life and her wisest teacher to date.