The highs & lows of 2018


Isn’t it funny how often we don’t see how many of our dreams we are manifesting into reality?  We are so focused on the next big thing, that we don’t notice how that little picture that you’ve had on your vision board for 4 years is suddenly in your life.

2018 will undoubtedly always be known as the year of the mini! When you have a 15yr old dream, you’re not gonna forget when it came true that’s for sure. But this year really was on the biggest, boldest and hardest in history but for so many different reasons. So read on to hear all about them, and HOW I did it and the lessons I learned.

#1. The Mini.
There isn’t a day that I don’t sit in my car and squeal to myself in delight. It is still every bit as fun and satisfying as the day I drove it off the forecourt. After 15 years of longing, I managed to land one in my driveway in 48 hours.  

The how:  I focused on the possibility, not the problem.  I literally spent 48 hours asking questions and to be shown solutions, instead of stressing out about how expensive it was.  

The lesson: Stay focused on the possibility, and don’t stop believing.

#2. The investment.
Back in May I took a crazy leap.  It was do or die time in my biz and I knew that if something didn’t change, I was going back to the ‘real world of employment’.  I went all in with all I had left. I put my rent money done on a coaching program (my risk, not advocating that!) BUT I made my rent money x10 over in 15 days.  I made more in sales in one month than I’d had in 3 years.

The how: I invested in myself.  I finally reached a point where my WHY was bigger than my FEAR.  And I truly felt like I had nothing left to lose, and everything to gain.

The lesson: When you’re ready, YOU’RE READY!  Follow that nudge, and LEAP!

#3. The birthday lunch.
For the last 4 years I haven’t bought any Christmas or birthday presents. The money has just not been there, and it filled me with deep shame.  This year however, I took my mama and my family out to lunch to her favourite restaurant for her birthday. It was such a proud moment for me to be able to treat her and pick up the bill, and not have to worry about sacrificing anything else to pay for it.

The how: My above mentioned rent money turned into almost $30K in 30 days - and I was treatin’ my mama!

The lesson: Live for the moment, don’t save it for rainy days.  Be generous, and more comes your way.

#4. The start of homeschooling.
Taking my son out of school has been one of the best things that ever happened for him, and for me! It’s not been easy getting my head around it, but his soul found life again within days of no more school pressure. It continues to be a huge learning curve on how to be resourceful and stay sane, but worth every moment to see the transformation in him.

The how: We can do hard things.  The push of getting up at 4am everyday to work, isn’t as bad as living with the anxiety and meltdowns that school was causing for my son!

The lesson: One size doesn’t fit all. Be prepared to unfollow the crowd if it isn’t working for you.

#5. The house.
If you haven’t read that crazy manifesting story then u must because it has to be my second finest moment of the year (after the mini-magic!). Finding our dream house that was available, within budget and had the most amazing landlords was one of THE highlights of this year.  This move was a pivotal moment for us this year and required me to step up in my money mindset and really receive what the universe was wanting me to have!

The how: More questions, more surrender, more trust, more believing “I’m worth it”.

The lesson: Miracles can happen in an instant if we remove our resistance to them.

#6. The flowers.
When we moved into our new house, I set the intention that I wanted fresh flowers in the house from here on in. And almost without fail, I’ve received flowers or had miraculous blooms on my orchids every week since September!  

The how: BELIEVE.  If you want something, going after it means nothing if you don’t really believe the possibility of it coming true.  The original goal was that I would buy myself flowers - I haven’t had to buy one bunch in 4 months!

The lesson: The power of intention is incredible.  As Wayne Dyer famously said, “You’ll see it when you believe it”

The lows.

#1. And the only one.
That I doubted myself for so long.
That I questioned my worthiness for so long.
That I waited for so long.

I don’t really see myself as having lows anymore. Life is full of lessons. The sooner I embrace them, the faster life shifts to where I want to be. But really the biggest lesson of 2018 was why’d I wait so long?  The only thing standing in my way all that time has been me.

So after this huge year, new clients email all the time to ask me how did I do it? Well, now you know! BUT,  I ask them in return, “are you ready to stop waiting and believe in yourself?”

I stopped waiting, and I started living.  It can be that easy, when you’re ready. Don’t wait as long as I did to decide you’re ready for more.

{if after reading this you’re inspired to finally say YES and go all in - then let’s talk about how I can help you start living your dream life too}

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