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My son is the reason that I laugh, cry, smile and scream.  

He is my happy place, and my source of frustration. He is my love, and I am “his darling”. He makes my heart ache, and break, and expand one hundred times a day.  In the last 6.5 yrs, Motherhood has taught me more than I ever thought it would in a lifetime. But let’s get real for a moment to…..

Motherhood. It's exhausting & exhilarating. Joyful & heartbreaking. It's everything & nothing that you expected it to be. It brings out the best in you & the worst in you.

And you never, ever feel like you're doing E N O U G H.

But MOTHERS.  To me, Mothers are one of the most miraculous things on this planet.

We are strong, determined, creative, intuitive, nuturing, empowering. But we also have a huge gaping hole in our own natural design for successful and joyful living - we do not love ourselves enough.

As a serial fixer, helping people has always been my default nature - even when I was running on empty. I used to say yes to everyone, worked all hours, and fell so far out of integrity everything I collapsed in a heap.  I was so busy trying to love everyone else happy, that I didn’t realise how empty I was.

Until one day I woke up, and decided to stop being the source of everyone else’s happiness, and just try loving myself as fiercely as I could.

Through the messiness and mayhem of motherhood & entrepreneurship I sought to find the truth of who I really was, and how loving myself that unconditionally was even possible.

But I did it. And oh does it feel soooo good!

Loving myself unconditionally has given me more freedom than I have ever known.

Freedom from suffering,

Freedom from judgement,

Freedom from fear.

So on this Valentines Day Mamas, I want to remind you that it's time to get fierce in our love for ourselves. It's time to get fearless in letting go of that which no longer serves Y O U.

It's time to step into the L I G H T of who you truly are and start living the life of ease & grace & happiness that is your divine birthright.

It's time to love more of who you are, and let go of everything you think you should be.

As Queen Latifah says “You can love yourself, or hate yourself”. I really hope that you will choose L O V E.

Happy Valentines Day Mamas. May you know this day just how very much you are loved.

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