To get on the path to make more, change your money blueprint

To get on the path to make more, change your money blueprint.png

Today, I’m continuing teaching about how to Do Less and Make More!

When I discovered my money blueprint, it was like reading a script for a movie destined for nothing but survival and struggle. There was hundreds of years of lack and scarcity and deprivation programmed into my thinking thanks to the influencers that I had been raised by - and this isn’t just parents - its your community, your teachers, your family, your gender, your class and even the geographical area where you were raised.  They all have a money story - and you would have been expected to live according to these unconscious money rules that were in play as you grew up.

There are many factors influencing your blueprint, lets go through the 5 which I have found to be the most contributary to your financial story.  

The first layer to our blueprint is obviously generational.  People who ‘come from money’ will learn completely different ways to behave around and treat money that those who are born into poverty or a low income family.  My own family struggled through wartime as many did of my age with grave stories of struggle and famine, death and survival. This energy was imprinted onto me. I thrive in survival - give me a crisis and i’m a god medalist - put me into ease and abundance and I freak out and sabotage myself.  So our generational imprint is crucial to understanding.

The second layer is familial, different to generational, this was the family you grew up in, the people who raised you (not your grandparents etc) and this is the day to day language you would have heard about money.  Two that stick out for me from being a child were “money is dirty’ and money doesn’t grow on trees. Both seemingly harmless, but festering in my subconscious they took on a whole new meaning and energy as I grew up

The third is cultural.  This has a huge impact and is often overlooked as people think familial stories are enough.  What you think about money will be different if you are male or female, are white, or a woman of colour, whether you are religious or not, whether you worked from a young age or stayed in the education system until you were 30.   BUT - remember, the story that exists doesn’t mean you can’t change it - but you can’t change what you don’t know, and so diving into the stories around what your cultural expectations and beliefs around money are are huge.

The fourth layer is geographic.  Similar to cultural, where you grew up in the world will have influenced your money story.  Growing up in a mining town versus and seaside resort will have a different impact on how money was made, how much was available and how the community used it, shared it, and the kind of businesses and opportunities that were available.  I grew up in a relatively quiet suburb but next to one of the largest car manufacturers in Europe, and so everyday I say thousands of shift worker entering and exiting the factory and observed that making money means hard labour.

And finally we are looking at societal.  Money stories are EVERYWHERE. Every single program and advert on TV, billboards, magazines and in stores are designed to feed your scarcity mentality and make you believe that you are not enough without whatever they are selling.  Society does not want you to be in your power when it comes to money. When you are in fear, you are influential and open to the suggestion of whatever is being sold to you - whether its policies or products! You may be doing loads of money block work, but discounting the journey to work everyday, your office and the language that surrounds you, if you listen to the radio or watch tv and are digesting subliminal messages through adverts.   You have to look at what societal influences you are numb to and start to filter them.

So your experiment today is to sit and get curious about the messages, teachings, stories and beliefs that you would have layered up over the years in these 5 areas:

They are again GENERATIONAL, FAMILY, CULTURAL, GEOGRAPHIC & SOCIETAL. So you can just grab some paper, write the titles on the page, and jot down what memories you have of money and your experiences in these areas.  And not just money, look at the kind of expectations that are in each of those areas - for example, no one in my family EVER had gone to university. Everyone left school and went into trade, apprenticeships or the working force.  I was the first person in my entire families generations to go to university - I changed that paradigm and expectation and then my sisters and cousins followed soon after me.

When I finally cleared up ALL these areas, things started to shift - so THATS the proof that it works.

As always, you can comment below and share your experiment discovery, share with a friend. Don’t do this alone as these deep stories and beliefs will bring up a lot of history, and money shame. So if you are doing it with someone you can both just be objective, and share together and see it as just a story that you no longer want to run, rather than something you need to get woeful about!!  

And a great bonus to help you get started today is my Richness quiz which will give you a quick idea of how much work there still is to do - it will highlight some of the behaviours of your blueprint in action that you might be numb to because you’ve been doing them for so long.

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