The #1 Thing Blocking You From More Money

The #1 Thing Blocking you from more money.png

It’s time to do less and make more!

The #1 thing blocking you from more money, is your thoughts.

All the time women ask me, really is it possible to do less and make more? I mean honestly?

And my answer is YES!!!

In the last year I’ve worked 5-10 hours a week (10 is rare unless I’m launching something new), and I increased my income by x15 last financial year.

So I don’t only say it’s possible, I know it’s possible.

But HOW is what I’m sure you want to know.

 WAKE UP to your thoughts.

Our words create our world, and conscious communication is EVERYTHING when it comes to making more money.

Every time we have those fleeting moments of envy, anxiety, jealousy, worry and sometimes downright hatred of money, they are moving us further and further away from the financial happiness we want.

These thoughts matter. And unless we can start to be honest about them, nothing will change. When I started to look at my inner dialogue around money I noticed it was NOT kind, definitely not positive and most certainly not coming from a place of abundance.

It was being driven by fear of never ever having enough.

So our first experiment in our money May series - and your made for this Monday challenge - is to track your thoughts;  keep a running note in your phone, or diary or just a piece of paper in your journal.

  • Notice how many times you say (and think!) I can’t, I don’t, I should/shouldn’t with regards to your interactions with money.

  • Notice how may time you feel longing or deprivation when it comes to things you wish you had more.  

  • And if you’re the kind of person who tracks your daily money or budget (I don’t, and you can find out why here!) then notice how you feel when you do. Do you feel stressed at how much your spending or how much isn’t there?

Then sit and count them up at the end of the day.  It will likely be a BIG list.  And that's OK.  The first thing to remember is that EVERYONE has these thoughts - its changing them that takes courage, and that's why i'm here for you, to guide you through this process with self-compassion and courage.  

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