Get up like your prayers have been answered

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These title words were the last I heard as I came out of meditation this morning.  As I sat down to write to you today, I was directed to an old blog that I wrote last year - Stop waiting and unpack your life.

And I realised that I had started waiting again.  

Waiting for new clients, more opportunities.

Waiting for my exhaustion to pass, more help to arrive.

Waiting to feel braver, bolder, clearer.

And waiting for our latest journey to find meaning and healing.  

And I was struck at the irony of how, the foundation of what I teach is that we are the masters of our own lives - that we cannot create for anyone else, and that our greatest gift is the ability to choose in any given moment - and here I was exercising my right to choose…. to wait.  And I suddenly felt a great wash of waste roll over me.  

Because, if I am honest, waiting is not want I want, or need.  

I want to live.  I want to feel. I want to soar.  And right now instead I am waiting, numbing and crawling.  

And so as I heard these words echo through me, “Get up like your prayers have been answered”, I was struck with my deep resistance to trust at the moment.  

I pray, I ask, but then I wait, and not in a trusting way, but in a “I don’t really believe that you’re gonna show up, but I”ll keep waiting just in case I’m wrong” kind of way.  

And I know you know that feeling too.  

And so today, I am going to read, and re-read my own words on my blog, and then I am going to sit with 4 simple words.  

Trust.  Surrender.  Believe. Receive.  

They flow in that order for a reason.  I know because I lived this prayer for a whole year back in 2017. I even created a program on it it was such transformational work.

We need to trust before we can surrender - when we don’t trust, we cannot let go.  

We need to surrender before we can believe - we need to let go of our perceptions before we can fully suspend all doubt.

We need to believe before we can receive - if you doubt it, you deny it.

I invite you too to let it be your prayer today, and tomorrow - get up like your prayers have been answered, and give thanks.  

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