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You might have guessed by now that I have a little addiction to excuses.  

I know, you think that Life coaches have their shit together don’t you?  Well, this one has a daily battle with big, fat, excuses!

I think my biggest complaint of the last 5 years of being a solo mama of a high needs child is not being able to get out to exercise.  

I tried home DVDs (some are still wrapped in their cellophane - eek)

I tried online yoga (it worked for a while, but Flynn ended up wanting to play lego on my mat)

I tried a personal trainer (my body just said NO WAY!)

I tried doing nothing (that worked really well haha!!)

But slowly over the last couple of years, my body has become more and more riddled with pain and health issues as I try to push it harder without conditioning it. And so I knew that if I was going to hit my life and business goals for this year, I had to do something.  And that something was admittedly a little dramatic, and a BIG investment, and hugely out of my comfort zone.

So, I sat down and had a heart-to-heart with my future self.  This is SUCH a great coaching exercise to help you get out of your present circumstances and into the energy of your future desires. I asked her what was she doing every day that I currently wasn’t.  She said exercise. More specifically she said she was riding!

Riding?  What? Like how am I supposed to go out on a bike (that I don’t have) everyday with a son who hates cycling (cue excuses…..see how easy they are to sneak in and railroad you?!).

So, we chatted some more and turns out she invested in an indoor spin bike.  To be more exact, she was obsessed with Peloton classes. And I have to say - my future self looks amazing!!

And so, long story short, I got a Peloton bike.  Yep - my only savings, gone in one big spend.  On a spin bike. On the advice of my future self! (Would now be a good time to mention to hate spinning??!).

I admit it was kinda, or a lot, crazy.  But as much as I tried to talk myself out of it, I could just hear my future self calling me forward and telling me that it was time for a BIG change.  

And so, it arrived 2 weeks ago, and I LOVE IT.  AND Flynn loves it!! (well, maybe not loves it, but he sees clearly he can’t play lego on it!).

I reached a stage in my personal growth that I knew I couldn’t move my mindset any more without moving my body.  To get emotionally and mentally stronger, I need to be physically stronger. And as 2019 is all about ditching excuses, I knew I had to find a way to get a sweat on and move my body everyday, without stressing myself or Flynn too much.  

And this is it.  I chose what works for us. I ride for 20 mins every day.  Sometimes more, sometimes less. Flynn helps me choose a class, he then sits on the sofa and reads whilst I ride.  We are finding our rhythm and my mind and body are finding theirs. It is Peloton bliss!!

And already something in me is shifting. Everyday when I think I can’t do it, I prove that I can. My mind is becoming stronger with each passing ride, and with it my focus and determination. I mean this week I banged my coaching homework out in 24 hours!! Usually i’m saying the dog ate it on the day of my next session LOL (…..yep, you guessed it, those damn excuses again, I don’t even have a dog!).

It took a huge amount of self-coaching to get over the money blocks to make this kind of investment in myself.  HUGE. So many demons came out of the woods to tell me why this was extravagant, unnecessary, over-the-top. That I wasn’t worthy of this kind of investment in myself.  But I just had to show all that crappy self-talk the hand, and CHOOSE FOR ME.

I made a HUGE commitment, and I know that it is going to be one of the best health - and business - investments of this year.  Yep, you heard me - looking after my body is going to help my business grow.

Sometimes creating change in your life needs to be small and sometimes it just needs to be BIG.  It needs to be as big as your dreams. This was a BIG thing for me. And it feels great. In fact, every single one of my big risks in the last 12 months has felt great!  

12 months ago I was drowning in debt and on the verge of being homeless, and now here I am with a booked out business, creating a life that supports my sons needs, and learning to serve myself more and more each day.  This is why I love my job - coaching really does change lives - and this one is changing more and more with each passing month. And I feel beyond blessed that I believed in myself enough to change, and not to give up on my dreams.

(Ready to upgrade your life from small to big changes?  Hire me).

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