How do you change daydreams to destiny?

I love helping women to meet their future self - I believe it is one of the most powerful things we can do to step into the truth of who we truly are, and I talk to my future self all the time! She calls me forward and leads me on when the going gets tough.

But for a while I struggled to tell the difference between daydreaming and visualising my destiny - and it kept me stuck for SO long. I would live somewhere between the daydream of my vision boards and the denial that I just didn’t deserve a life like that. Sound familiar?

Last year I met an incredible woman who joined in one of my challenges. By the end of it she had shifted so much and she wrote to me afterwards; “Mary I’ve had such an incredible week. I had no idea I was so stuck on that story, and this week has woken me up. THANK YOU SO MUCH”.

I longed with all my heart to see this woman kicking the goals she set herself weeks later, but somehow knew that fear would get the better of her when she left the momentum of the group. And it did. When you’re stuck in stories and habits that have been programmed into you since you were a little girl, change is a process.

You need support, accountability, guidance, consistency, and the right mix of resources to create lasting change and true freedom (it’s one of the reasons I only usually coach for a minimum of 6 months). We can often mistake slow, steady change & gradual growth for downright failure - and we give up before we’ve even begun.

This is the downside to my job. You can see so much light in people, but no matter how much we believe in them - if they don’t believe in themselves enough to change, they won’t.

Now I don’t know what change looks like for you….

Maybe you want to stop yelling at your kids, maybe you want more time for you, maybe you want more clients and £10k months to start creating more financial freedom.  

Maybe you want to be able to say YES to more things, and NO to others.  Maybe you want to start those dance classes, or art classes, or maybe you just want more damn sleep.

Or maybe you want to get fit this year, have the freedom (& money) to look after your body, eat well and treat yourself more so you’ve got more vitality for all the things life involves for you.

Whatever more you’re craving in your life, here’s what I know for sure. You were made for more, and I don’t want to see you stuck in the same cycle that I was stuck in for so long.  

So today I want to gift you the question that changed my life - but I want you to be deeply honest with yourself; cut the BS and excuses, get real with the truth otherwise those dreams will forever stay a daydream

Are you willing to change?

It may sound like a simple question, and most people will of course answer yes!....(but actually, deep down, they mean no).  

They might like to THINK they are willing, but when it comes to the actual act of doing something different every single day, they just can’t break the habit of being themselves.  

CHANGING who you are and what you have been doing your whole life could well be the biggest risk you will ever take.  You are programmed for safety, to run from risks and threats, and so change can feel terrifying.

But unless you start to do something different, every single day, then life will never change.  Nothing changes until you do. You cannot expect to stay the same and create a different life. This is why so many of us cannot sustain consistent results, because we eventually give up changing, we settle back into our comfort zone once we have established a ‘new normal’.  We do a few things different, change our diet, our exercise routine, read a couple of new books, but we don’t KEEP changing. We stop, and start, and as such so do our results.

So today I challenge you to do one thing different everyday.  

Break up your routine, brush your teeth with your opposite hand, eat something different for breakfast.  Say no when you mean no, and yes when you want to say yes! Call that prospect, ask for that recommendation, take up the offer of that babysitter and take yourself out for lunch.  

Whatever it may be, DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. And let it be the start of taking little risks everyday, and soon you will feel like taking bigger ones that can really create those BIG changes.  

The pivotal point for me this year was investing in a coach for the longterm.  I had always told myself the same excuses that others tell me (I can’t afford it, I don’t have the time, the timezones don’t work, my child needs the money more than me - sound familiar?), but when I took the risk on investing in myself, everything changed, I got those consistent results.

So stop waiting, and start today! Invest in the small things until you are ready for the bigger things, because its the little things that slowly gather momentum and move us forward. Stop waiting, start DOing. I believe in you!

If you’re ready for that bigger leap, then get in touch and let’s talk about how coaching can turn your daydreams into your destiny.

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