The real reason why we aren't living the dream

So many of us have big dreams.   And so many of us are still stuck in struggle.


I know, because I was one of them.  


This year, when I picked up my journal from last January and realised that I was writing - almost word for word - the same thing as I began a new year, I almost quit.  


I couldn't believe that, after everything I had done to try and get myself to a more prosperous life and business, I was STILL in the same place.  


But here's the truth about the real reason many of us are still STUCK.  The truth that I didn't want to hear. 


We can only create, and receive, that which we deem ourselves worthy of. 


Love, money, relationships, success, happiness. 


Any dream you have will not come to you unless you know, and believe, you are worthy of having it. 


Most of us feel uncomfortable with money, many of us with success, but some of us even feel undeserving of happiness.  I sure as hell was uncomfortable with all 3!


But this, my beautiful souls, is the reason that so many of us are still craving so many things in our lives. 


Secret cravings that we don't tell anyone else about. Cravings that, if we say them out loud, we fear that we might be judged or criticised. 


And just as secret feelings of shame and self-depreciation that we are definitely NOT saying out loud! 


I know that I had many unspoken dreams. And a lot of regret, and shame too, about how my life has gone thus far. 


Part of me felt undeserving of anything wonderful. And I actually got trapped in an attitude of gratitude that prevented me from desiring anything greater than what I already had - I got locked into being so familiar, so safe with what I had, I didn't even contemplate asking for more


After spending years working through all my blocks and learning so much about abundance & universal law, I couldn't however understand why my life wasn't changing. 


Then I discovered that I had a 70% block to receiving, and my whole life started to change. 


As I worked through my resistance, my gratitude and joyfulness started to soar, money started flowing to me with greater ease, and I became so much clearer on the kind of life I wanted to living - the kind of me I wanted to be! 


So many of us blame the lack in our lives on personal failures. 


But the real issue lies in believing you're worthy of receiving everything that is divinely yours as an abundant child of your creator.  


But so many of us DO NOT FEEL WORTHY. 


And this stirs a fire in my belly like no other. 


And this is why I created Born to Receive as an intimate journey into self-worth. 


YES, it is also a program that will unlock your abundance, help you grow in confidence, enhance your manifesting and see you finally receiving everything you desire BUT, what's more important to me than all of that, is HOW YOU LOVE YOURSELF. 


This dear souls, is the reason we don't have everything we want yet.  We do not know how to receive it, because we don't feel that we are worth it.  BUT you have the power to change that.


And so today, I want to leave you with this final message. 


You are infinitely loved.

You are perfect in all your imperfections. 

You are deserving of living a life of health, wealth & prosperity and

You are worthy of everything you desire, and more. 

But it only matters if YOU believe it. 


(If you tell yourself often enough, you will eventually. Trust me!)


 Until next week,


Big love. 


Mary HoustonComment