Make a decision to live in a beautiful state

When I was in the throes of my life breaking open, I couldn’t even see beauty in my days.  

I was so masked by pain and suffering that I couldn’t lift my gaze to be humbled by the beauty of my son, and nature all around me.  

And I hated myself for it. 

I punished myself for it. 

And so, because we all know how the story goes, things only got worse.  

That kind of self-punishment doesn’t do anyone or anything any favours. 

And then one day, I remember clear as day, sitting by the window and thinking to myself “If I ever get out of this darkness,  I will do whatever I can to help women know how to make their days more beautiful - even if steeped in suffering”. 

And then something shifted within me.  My pain had a purpose and I started my own business and @everydaymorebeautiful was born!  

In the last year my business has gone through many changes in a attempt to find the best way to support women.  

Being a creative I have a habit of changing my ‘storefront’ often!!  But I have never changed who I want to help, and WHY I want to help them. 

WHAT I do hasn’t changed either. 

I teach life-changing meditation and I coach women in a way that helps them to unravel their own truth and discover a sense of deep self-love and honour that gives birth to radical new changes in their life, and their business.  

I teach them how to find beauty everyday - and empower them to bring that into their lives and live it.  

So how can we live in a beautiful state everyday?  

Is this even possible in this day and age where most of us have equated happy states to the kind of car, house or bank balance that we have?

How can we make everyday more beautiful?

By becoming conscious.  

By awakening to the beauty of the world around us and opening our eyes to all that surrounds us.  

By practising daily gratitude.

And by releasing into the sense of trust that something other than, and higher than yourself, has your back.  

Last week I had the experience of waking one morning to realise that, whilst I felt like my material world was falling down around me, the sun still rose, the grass still grew, my lungs still breathed life into me and the world hadn’t stopped turning. 

For most of the day I remained in this blissful state of complete absence of fear - because all that I had feared had come to pass and I was still alive.  

Whilst in that state I was SO super aware of nature around me.  I walked down the street and found myself with such a deep sense of gratitude for all that was around and within me.  

Tony Robbins talks of this frequently when he says that the easiest way to the life of your dreams is to stop expecting and start appreciating.  

When we go through life full of expectation we can only be disappointed because nothing and nobody can EVER fully meet our expectations.   This in turn feeds the negative ego with so much ammunition to continue its self-destructive talk that nothing good ever comes to pass.  Vicious cycle.  

But when we can live life in a state of appreciation - we slowly become a much happier, and more pleasant person to be around.  

We want to be with others, and they with us, and through this sense of love and giving, abundant things start to happen in our lives.  

Kindness begets kindness.  I learnt that first hand in a miraculous way last week after passing through the eye of my storm. 

And so if today you want to make a decision to live in a more beautiful state, try these three things:

  1. Practise daily gratitude - list 3 things everyday that you are grateful for, and challenge yourself to make them 3 different things every day!

  2. Practise forgiveness - for everything that you think you are, forgive yourself. For everything that you think people are not, forgive them too. I find the simple practise of Ho’oponopono incredibly powerful for this.

  3. Say Thank you - get into the habit of appreciating people. Send them a message, write a note; if someone did something kind, tell them. Believe me, you will make their day - and change yours.

And remember, hope and change have a sneaky habit of appearing when you least expect them too - so hang in there.  The one thing constant is that there is always change.  And if you can be happier whilst that is all falling into place - then I think you will find that your beautiful life has already arrived.  

Big love,


Mary HoustonComment