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I’m Mary Houston - mama, writer, creator, coach. I’m a proud working-mama, a spirited introvert, an insatiable learner and a facilitator of possibilities.

I spent most of my life trying to be everything to everyone, instead of actually choosing what I wanted. I thought that women were meant to do it all, not have it all.

I’ve since learnt how to care more about how I feel than what other people think, and create a wondrous range of opportunities and experiences that I was craving for most of my life.  

I’m a part-time entrepreneur, a full-time solo-mama, and we live in imperfect, organised chaos! I homeschool my only son because I couldn’t stand watching his slow disempowerment in the education system; and we love cakes, nature programs, books and saving animals.

I’m passionate about love. And fierce about fear. And after way too many dark nights of the soul, and over 20 years of study & personal growth, I openly share my own story and perspective, so you can learn to change yours.  

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I love my incredibly loving & remarkable son, organic dark chocolate, dancing in my kitchen, books, log fires, silence, music, drinking tea, meditation, long hot baths, sitting by the ocean, walking through forests and driving my mini cooper (which btw was a 15 year old craving!)

One last thing: thank you for being here with me.