Hi, I’m Mary

I’m a Martha Beck Life Coach & Business Mentor, and my #1 passion is helping women create beautiful lives and brilliant businesses.  

In today’s society, as women we are taught we need to DO it all, but can’t HAVE it all; and instead we’re taught to believe the BS stories & excuses that limit our dreams. Well, I’m on a mission to change that. Through coaching, media content & conscious community, my goal is to inspire women to reach for a better, bolder version of themselves everyday.

So if you know you were made for more, and are finally ready to go get it, …



Mary Houston is the best kind of coach and human. She's deeply empathetic, wildly resourceful, and so full of expertise that it's impossible to let yourself down in her care.
Hire her.

Susan Hyatt, Master Certified Life & Business coach, Author & Creator of BARE


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